Triplemining is a Bitcoin Mining Pool with unique features:

  • Weekly Jackpot: Every miner automatically participates in our weekly jackpot. Once a week a lucky miner gets it all!
  • Grow your own pool: create teams and earn rewards for every member of your pool!
  • No hidden costs: No fee's, all bitcoins from found blocks are redistributed to our miners.
  • Stats: Personal stats of your mining efforts.
  • PPLNS,N=24h: fair payout system of rewards between members, cheat-resistant
  • Trustworthy service: operational since June 28, 2011, all support requests resolved in a timely fashion.
  • In house development: always evolving, always getting better.
  • We were the first: the unique features of our mining pools have been copied by many others... we must be doing something good :)
  • Services & security: email notification and temporary payout lock on address change
  • Features: All the goodies you expect from a serious pool: Long-polling support, automated payouts, password recovery, JSON API, SSL secured website, full decimal payouts, stratum, vardiff

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new digital currency. By using proven strong cryptography, a new currency has been created for the internet. One of the key features of Bitcoin is that it is an open system with no person or authority that governs the system. This means that you can treat it like cash: nobody can freeze your account, no chargeback's, complete transparency and more.

This new currency opens massive opportunities for the internet. Join more than one million users and merchants today!

Bitcoin is built as an open system. This means the currency is not created or distributed by a central authority. Instead, bitcoin mining is used to distribute the initial coins of this new currency. This is why you can earn bitcoins with your CPU: initial coins and fee's paid by those that perform transactions are distributed to the bitcoin miners.

Triplemining: Bitcoin Mining Pool

Mining bitcoins on your own, with limited CPU power, is like playing the lottery every week. You can play many times, but the chances of winning are very slim. Unless you have a supercomputer or equivalent, chances of ever obtaining bitcoins are even worse than playing the lottery, close to none in fact.
Triplemining allows you to obtain some bitcoins by combining forces with other miners in one big pool. When you participate, you earn bitcoins in proportion to how much computing power you submit. The details on how Triplemining distributes bitcoins is explained here.

To start mining your very own bitcoins, register here.

For more information about bitcoin, bitcoin mining and Triplemining, please visit our help pages or watch this short introduction video.

Latest news

2014/05/15: We've revamped the jackpot system. The rules have been modernized, we now play every 8 days instead of some random day. For more information visit our jackpot page

2014/05/10: There was a problem with the mining server, it has been fixed. Our apologies for this inconvenience

2014/05/03: There was a login issue on the website, it has been fixed. Our apologies for this inconvenience

2014/04/09: Remember: Bitcoin-core v0.9.1 has been released. Please upgrade, as a bug in openssl enables users to retrieve your private keys should you use bitcoin-qt (only affects 0.9.0, users on 0.8.x should still upgrade but the impact isn't as huge) It is safe to continue using our website: we patched our servers asap.

2014/01/26: We've discontinued GBT today. Only a very small fraction of our miners were using it. Please use stratum! (Getwork is also still supported for now.)

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